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Serverless Image Classifier

Build an end-to-end deep learning model to classify real-world images using TensorFlow, Docker, AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Photo by Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash



  • Developed deep learning models to classify 10-class images in Python and TensorFlow for a clothing e-commerce business.

  • Optimized the convolutional neural networks with transfer learning and image augmentation to achieve a good performance and prevent overfitting, leading to a 91% accuracy with 3.04% gap between the training and test accuracies.

  • Optimized the model for deployment in mobile and edge devices using TensorFlow Lite, resulting in a 75% reduction in size for efficiency.

  • Deployed the model locally using Docker.

  • Built a public facing API using AWS Lambda and API Gateway.

  • The following is the URL to make the HTTP API call:
  • Image sample data to be sent as a POST request:



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